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SOE announces free-to-play Bullet Run

Acony Games, a German developer, has been working on an online first-person shooter called Hedone, about contestants fighting to win a deadly reality show. Sony Online Entertainment today announced that it is publishing a game by Acony called Bullet Run, and as far as we can tell it’s Hedone with a new title.


There’s no mention of Hedone on the official website or in the press release, but the free-to-play shooter now called Bullet Run boasts the same reality show premise as Acony’s project, and it certainly looks the same as the old game (not to mention that now redirects to Sony’s official Bullet Run site).

Some of Acony’s developers previously worked on MMO flops APB and BattleForge, so the track record here isn’t the greatest. But SOE apparently sees something in the title and is already trying to work some rebranding magic. Beta signups for Bullet Run are going on now, and the game is set to go live later this summer.


Free MMORPG in May, 2012

1.Soul Captor

Soul Captor is a free to play (f2p) online MMORPG game from Gamania coming soon! [LIKE] this page to stay up-to-date with the latest news and beta information!

2.Waren Story

Coming Soon! Compete in epic PvP battles, slay nightmarish beasts, and wield all-powerful weapons. Claim supremacy and make your mark!

3.Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga is an upcoming browser-based, anime-style MMORPG by PopPace. Recently the developer and publisher revealed the guild Eudemon system.


KingsIsle Entertainment’s newly announced family friendly MMO Pirate101 will be entering closed Beta soon! Visit for more info today!

5.OJO Agent

OJO AGENT combines a simulated environment with real-world sports data to create true mixed reality gameplay.

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Avengers Alliance: How to remind lesser gods of their puniness – like the Hulk did

You are here: Marvel Avengers Guide for Levels 11-30
For Levels 54-65, can you rock & rolla?
For Levels 41-53, get the job done
For Levels 31-40, Tacitus speaketh
For Levels 0-10, ride with thunder


by Stan Faryna

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

This Avengers Alliance walk through is written for those with agent levels Level 11 to 30. If you are new to the game, check out my Level 0-10 walk through. In my opinion Level 0-10 is all about deciding if you love this game or not. For those of you beyond 30 looking for insights, allies, and connection, I recommend joining the Marvel Universe Gazette. There’s some good discussions going on there led by some very cool players.

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