New Games in October from MMOHunter

1.For The People

For The People is a new politics-themed casual game that depicts the office life during presidential campaign.In it, you will choose the state you represent and try to be a great representative in the Congress. In it, you will meet and Negotiate with lobbyists on various issues in your office, try to convince committees to pass your amendments, join local debates to gain more support, and perform various activities such as campaign ads, poll constituency, lawn signs and robocalls to raise your Clout and fame.


2.CSI: Miami Heat Wave

Heratio Caine in CSI: Miami needs to expand his team to confront the rising crime activity in Miami. Well, the TV series don’t come back with new episodes. But a new social game named CSI: Miami Heat Wave hits the scene to bring you to various criminal scenes. Yes, you.

3.Wings of Destiny

Wings of Destiny shares many features commonly seen in free browser fantasy MMORPG, especially those from Asia. You will recognize the same mechanics and established pattern almost immediately when you enter the in-game universe.

4.Core Online

Core Online is a new Korean free MMORPG that just comes to the surface. ENTWELL has been developing the game for over 3 years and recently set up the website for it. Currently, the game is short in details.

5.Hero Civilization

Hero Civilization is a free browser-based MMORTS with a fantasy setting. It places you in the role of a nobility who will lead the followers out of the dark age to a prosperous future. It is similar to other RTS games in the basic mechanics and elements, but different from them in its integral role-playing features.

6.Trojan War

Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game based off the myth about Troy. As the sub-title suggests, the game starts with a backdrop of wars Zeus planned for human beings. With the prelude, players enter the game managing a city state and conquering the ancient world.


FIFA 13 vs PES 2013


I realize I haven’t be writing any game post for along time. Well, the reason is fairly simple. I don’t really have much time to play many games nowadays. FIFA 13 and PES 2013 is probably the latest hype for me after Diablo III. I don’t play a lot of sport game. Football is probably 1 of the my few favorite sport games along par with NFS and NBA. I’ve stopped NFS and NBA for quite some years back after I lost track of it. So yeah PES is currently the only sport games I’m playing and still love playing.

Anyway, back to the topic. I’ve been playing Winning Eleven and PES as far as I could remember. I think since like Winning Eleven 2006. So FIFA has always been alien to me. I tried it a few times but somehow, I just couldn’t get used to it (in a…

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